The Sycomore is a Christian church that is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. We began dreaming about a warm and dynamic place where those who have never been to church as well as those who may have become disillusioned with the church, but have not given up on God can come together to experience the presence of the Living God and discover and pursue what matters most in life.

According to this world, what matters most is, well, whatever matters most to us. Unfortunately, we’re not too sure what it is that matters most to us. We’ve gone from job to job in search of the one that will finally “fulfill” our lives – only to discover that it’s not the one. We’ve padded our bank accounts to save for the future and to accumulate things, LOTS of things, along the way – as “therapy” to soothe our life’s disappointments. We’ve fought tooth and nail to obtain higher levels of status only to find that the sacrifices and compromises that we’ve made far outweigh our place on the ladder of success. And for others, life just seems to be one failure after another. We’ve searched for people to share our lives with – beyond all the superficial and to talk about the deeper things of life, only to feel what we’ve felt for such a long time… loneliness.

We have all sensed it-in our private world, behind closed doors – the longing to know what it is that matters most in life. We have convinced ourselves that it is everything that this world offers. Though what we presently have and what the future holds seemingly brings excitement, it is clouded by confusion, disappointment, sadness, pain, fear, insecurity, and unpredictability. We cannot deny that our pursuit of what this world offers does NOT in fact satisfy our souls… and the longing remains.

Our contention is that this longing will remain, until we discover what truly matters. And what matters most in life, is what matters most to the One who created life-God Himself. And what matters most to God… is us. In May 2006, our dream of beginning such a place to discover and pursue what matters most to God came true. Our doors are open to any and all who are interested in such discovery and pursuit. We do not promise to have all the answers, but what we do offer is a community who will partner and walk along with you in this journey called life. Come and allow us to invest in your life so that you may discover the kind of life that is rightfully yours.

The Sycomore is led by Sam and Michelle Park. After serving on the pastoral team at the International Christian Fellowship in Warsaw, Poland, they came back home to NYC to be a part of something really special-investing in the lives of the next generation of believers and leaders. Michelle is currently a licensed Marriage and Family therapist with Redeemer Counseling.  She is also an adjunct professor at the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling in Nyack, NY.  They love being a wife and husband team as well as being parents to Sophia (born the same month as The Sycomore) and Emma Jay.

The other part of the pastoral team is Jayson Park who is our executive pastor.  He was in the medical field for 15 years before giving that up to serve full time at the Sycomore.  He is also an associate with Global Leadership, Inc.