We’re sure you’ve experienced this before, but there have been times when we’ve stood amongst a crowd of people and then get hit with an overwhelming sense of loneliness. And it’s at that moment that we realize that having a lot of people in our lives doesn’t necessarily satisfy our longing for relationship. And we need relationship because God’s created us this way, especially, with Him. We’ve also been created to represent Him in our relationships with one another.

We want to invite you to come and join our community as we wrestle with what it means to be in relationship with our God and His people. There are a number of ways that you can do that.

– Celebration Sunday (our Sunday worship gatherings at 1:30 PM)

– Engage Groups (our community groups that meet during the week)

– Fellowship Events (Retreats, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, BBQs, Game Nights, etc)

Come and hang out with us as you get to know us and we get to know you.


It’s written that it is good to be born. And it is great to know why one is born. The greatest thing of all, however, is to fulfill what one is born for. Our problem, is not just trying to figure all that out, but also to find someone who will journey along side us as we do. We want to become that “someone.” We won’t promise you perfection, because, well, we can’t. But what we do promise, is our best to guide you to He who is. Let us invest in your life as you grow the Kingdom within you and outside of you. Here’s what we offer:

Celebration Sunday – Where we learn how to grow to become the kind of people that God has created for us to be

Engage groups – Where we discover a deeper meaning of community and God’s truth and how it applies to our lives

Mentoring – Where older brothers and sisters help us to go deeper than we’ve ever gone before. Brokeness and surrender are keys to our healing and restoration

One on One Counseling – Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. More often than not, however, we also need someone to offer a healthy Christlike perspective of our situations and circumstances.

Praise and Prayer – Our monthly corporate prayer meeting where we experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. If you want to experience God in a real way come and check it out. You will not leave unchanged.

Freedom Ministry – Our battle is not against flesh and blood. There is a battle that rages on in the spiritual realm. And it is a battle for our souls. We want to help you find victory and freedom from the bondages of sin and the hurts and wounds of our soul.

Pre-marital Counseling – The sessions are not meant to fix one another. It is to embrace how uniquely our future spouses have been created and discover some tools to help us to even celebrate them.

Scones Women’s Ministry – Where the sisters learn how to become women of character and integrity and influence

Wut Wut Youth Group – The prophet Joel said that there will be an outpouring of God’s Spirit and our sons and daughters will prophecy. We want to help them prepare for that outpouring.

S’mores Children’s Ministry – It’s never to young for those in our children’s ministry to not only learn about our God, but to experience His presence