Surpassing Glory - 2 Cor 3:10

"For what was glorious has no glory now in comparison with the surpassing glory." - 2 Cor 3:10.

Paul talks about the old covenant and the new covenant, and they were both glorious.  The old covenant, the law given through Moses, which involved a temporary ministry of death and condemnation - was a glory.  The new covenant, given through Jesus Chris, which involves the lasting ministry of The Spirit and righteousness - is even more glorious!  Only through Jesus Christ, do we enter into this new covenant with God!

I've been desiring to know more of what this word "glory" contains in its meaning.  To glory means giving, ascribing, the full, intrinsic, value, weight, and worth of who God in essence is.  Could we give glory to God, if we have packaged him as who we desire Him to be, if we cherish concepts of God, rather than God Himself.  Could we give glory to God, if we know a lot about God, but we don't know God.

Sycomore, we are a body of Christ who is under a new covenant, a surpassing glory, that transcends, and exceeds the prior glory revealed to all creation!  May the Sycomore become a church who truly gives glory to God, because we know God in ultimate reality, as He has revealed Himself through Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God!