The Right Time - Romans 5

Thoughts from the Sycomore’s weekly reading of Romans…

5:6 For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.

So many of life’s decisions seem to hinge upon us choosing just the “right time” to act.  In fact, if we took a good hard look into our heat and soul, I wonder if this is something that preoccupies our thought-life way more than we would probably like to admit.  In one sense, maybe this is because we can actually calculate when that right time may be.  The problem is that this control that we seem to be enjoying is probably more of an illusion than we realize—because ultimately, we’re not the ones who are really in control.  God is. 

Everything about today’s verse makes “sense” to me, except those 3 words—“the right time.”  I found myself asking, what on earth was it about that time that God chose for His Son to die for us on the cross—“the right time?”  Did something happen that triggered these events?  Did it involve some linear timeframe?  Was there some formula or “algorithm” that God used?  It doesn’t make sense to me why that was the right time?  What a mystery.  Mystery.  Then I had this thought.  This is all a mystery to us because our lives revolve around time—in fact, we’re bound by time.  But God is not.  It’s a question that we ask because, well, at the end of the day, we just need to know.  And when God doesn’t give us an answer to our “timing” issues or for that matter, anything else—leaving it mysterious, we need to remind ourselves that we’re probably asking the wrong question.  Rather than asking the “why” or “how” or “when,” we can help ourselves by asking the “WHO” question—as in WHO is God?  And then, WHO am I?  The reality is, that knowing why or when or how doesn’t give us the kind of peace that we long for—if anything, it’ll probably further fuel our anxiousness to know.  Only when we continue to get to know Him and His character and who we are in Him and how He is forever for us and not against us in the intimacy of relationship with Him, will we find any semblance of peace and joy in our hearts as we approach all of life before us.  Rather than seeking out the right time, lets remind ourselves and each other to ask the right “who” question instead.  #desiringGod2017