In His Grasp - Romans 1

Thoughts from the Sycomore’s weekly reading of Romans…

1:28 And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind

I read an article several months ago (on CNN or MSN) proclaiming South Korea to be the “best” protesters in the world (yes, there is such a category). South Koreas are said to be the best at rallying over a million people in such an organized and peaceful fashion. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I guess to be the best at something is worth noting (South Korea was also voted the highest alcohol consuming nation, per populous in the world!), though it also points to the fact that this may be the epitome of passive aggressiveness as well—something that we should not be proud of at all! South Korea isn’t the only country whose people rally for their rights. It’s rampant around the world. But this desire to express the dissatisfaction in our lives as well as our demand for change hits a lot closer to home than we realize. We may not necessarily participate in an outright rally or protest like the ones that we see in this world and in our own country, but we are more than innocent bystanders when it comes to the expression of our gripes and complaints against what we see as God’s overly tight grasp of our lives. What we see as oppression, we don’t realize, that it is actually His loving refusal to “let us go” that keep our lives from unraveling into depravity.

Today’s verse shows us the horrifying reality of what happens when God is not acknowledged for who He is—and not just in word, but in action. It says that He gives them over… to a depraved mind. The rest of the text goes on to describe what that depravity is—it’s horrible. I wonder if this generation’s incessant demand for its rights—driven by what I think is the highest level of entitlement of all the generation’s past, will ultimately lead to God choosing to open His hands and “giving them over” to their depraved minds. I’m not sure if He hasn’t already done so. At the very least, it sure looks like He’s already in the process of doing so. As for those of us who choose to remains steadfast, it isn’t simply the fact that we’re holding fast to Him that keeps us from losing our own minds to this world. Let us never forget that it is actually His firm grasp of His sons and daughters that does. #desiringGod2017, #whatwouldYouhavemedoLord

Love, Sam