Acts 8 by Darwin Kim

Acts 8

Stephen was dead. They killed him. As the stones came flying, his last words of prayer before leaving this life was asking God to not hold this sin against them. Here is displayed a love beyond human ability. A love that flowed from Love Himself. A love for Christ that brought about such an obedience that makes me weep. Stephen would rather have Jesus period.
As the church dispersed because of news like this, there came a fiery evangelist called Philip. It looks like he just went wherever the Spirit led him, sharing that Jesus is the Christ. He spoke to Samarians.. he spoke to an African official.. he spoke as the Holy Spirit told him to go and speak. Quite a journey of faith man; he even teleported! But I'd bet that Stephen was on his mind behind every thought he had. A fellow believer who went all out for the same Jesus who Philip would say he believed in as well. Stephen's love for Christ went viral and Philip was definitely one of those who were affected.

I guess I'm trying to say thank you to all those in my life who love and obey Jesus like this. As that love in you led to some type of martyrdom in your life, know that it lit a fire in many and I am one of them.