An irrelevant imperishable, unfailing salvation?! - Mark 16:8

Some surveys are reporting that even Christians find that the God of the bible is increasingly irrelevant, or unclear how the God of the bible is relevant, to their life and today's world.  Instead, what is becoming more prevalent, and relevant, is this belief that you can find your identify, and moral standard, if you look within yourself.  How did the church get here?

The church is being bombarded with information, news, politics to influence them to live a life other than what Jesus had intended.  Jesus Christ brings supernatural, out of this world, sovereign power over our ordinary and earthly lives.  In Mark 16:8, we see that the works of Jesus Christ and His activities are jaw-dropping to the point of being terrifying. Jesus just rose again from the dead, and angel told them!.  The Divine Holy invaded the ordinary, earthly realm.  His Spirit in our lives invades, influences, and "events" our ordinary and earthy lives.  Have you pressed in to discover this imperishable, unfailing salvation, or is it irrelevant?